I love to bake!

My love for baking started when I moved from the Netherlands to New Zealand and I started to miss all the Dutch treats and breads. I found a challenge in to make yummy things I used to simply buy from Dutch supermarket.

logo-roundbb1The recipes found on this website are not mine, I’m not a recipe creator. Whenever I decide to bake something I read/watch multiple recipes and choose the one that looks easiest. I sometimes change methods/ingredients that I have read in other recipes. Photos are mine.

I decided to create this website mainly for myself because I have too many paper notes laying around. This way I have all of my favourite recipes neatly organised and accessible from where ever I am. Another reason is to easily share recipes with friends & family.

I’m not a big story teller so no big intros before the actual recipe here.


Bake and bite… the less time to the end result the better, right?

xx Marianne


PS: If you want to contact me, please go to my instagram and message me there. Thanks.